Double Rail Snow Guard Products

Heightening element for snow guard bracket for standing seam metal roofs

Metal roof snow guard bracket

Metal roof snow guard bracket

Raises the second pipe 5 inches higher.
Heavy duty effect.
It holds back more than you’ll ever need!
Very well enginered, stringently tested and made in Germany!
Strongest you can find on this system!

To fasten: Tighten two stainless steel bolts and nuts (provided with brackets)
NO drilling, no piercing or cutting necessary, so NO damage to the roofing or snow guard material…unlike primitive or plastic snow guards from other suppliers like snowGem, snowBlox, s5. Most of our customers need to change their snow retention system only after a year or two, due to the failure rate of those above mentioned plastic snow guard “products”
We welcome you on our product pages in the world of “products that work”

The only used snow guard system for metal roofs in Europe. If you have “another supplier snow guard” and need a new one that actually works we would be happy to help you. Our system works forever and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Material choices for your requests:
– Copper, product# 918-754
– Aluminum, product# 863-729
– Stainless steel, product# 999-754
– Colored aluminum, product# 863-729c

Use with 1 inch HD snow guard rails.

We recommend adding on our ice stop system.
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