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Our certified master craftsmen are global leaders in the industry.

Our company president: European native and president of Copper Exclusive, Erno Ovari, is one of the most skilled and knowledgeable fine metal roofing artisans in his field today.

  • Erno is a graduate of Meister School and holds the degree of Meisterbrief.Church Tower
  • Erno has over 11 years of post-graduate training from some of the most elite trade schools in Germany.
  • He holds numerous certifications and is board certified in restoration and reconstruction.
  • Erno has well over a quarter century of experience working on buildings ranging from the ultra-modern to some of Europe’s most beloved pieces of historical architecture.
  • He has worked on an consulted for projects all over the world in diverse climates: the high Alps, the Caribbean, the rainforests of Australia and the American high desert to name but a few.
  • Erno’s strong feelings about improper and potentially dangerous techniques passed off as standard practice in the United States has led him to issue a movement in government for more stringent regulations.
  • Erno also stated a grass-roots program to educate other professionals in the metal roofing industry.
  • “In Germany, the roof is nearly the most regulated part of a building; it protects everything. I teach and promote correct principles and techniques which give both my students and their clients a sense of well-being. My students possess the skills to make their work last forever.” – Erno Ovari
  • Until his move to the United States, Erno had been in private practice and is still one of Germany’s most sought-after artisans. Erno brings with him a wealth of sheet metal craft experience and a passion for detail.

Copper Exclusive and its hand-selected collection of European-trained master craftsmen are ready to help you achieve the outcome you seek.

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History of Metal Roofing

In 100 BC, about the time of Julius Caesar, Romans were developing a revolutionary plumbing system. The technology and skill extrapolated from this new development of sheet metal work found their way to varied applications from food storage to the metal roof we recognize today.

Romans found that metal, correctly installed, would keep roofs leak-proof for hundreds of years, hence, maintenance was also kept to a minimum. No longer did workers need to scale the treacherous heights of the buildings as with past frequency. The technique of the metal roof spread like wildfire throughout Europe, and architecture has been influenced ever since.

If you were to be cast away on a lonely island, or stuck in the middle of the jungle, or lost in the Arctic, or just our camping for that matter, the first thing you would build would be a roof. If that roof leaks or is easily compromised, your comfort and perhaps your very survival are in jeopardy.

In Germany, “The Land of Regulations” where we are originally from, the roof is easily the most regulated part of the building for the simple reason that it protects everything else. German inspectors don’t care if you cover your roof with plastic bags so long as the area is less than 10 square feet (one square meter) in size. Any roof exceeding that measurement is highly scrutinized. A fine metal roof, in particular, is meant to last for generations.

At Copper Exclusive, we come from a 2,000 year legacy of trained craftsmen whose work has stood watertight and beautiful for hundreds and hundreds of years. We possess knowledge that spans engineering to artistry. We are deeply concerned for the welfare of our clients and have the vast skills, time-honored techniques and the latest technological advances to achieve an outcome unrivaled in usefulness, quality, longevity and beauty.

Our global work experience as artisans and consultants has led to strong relationships with the top manufacturing firms the world has to offer.  This means you have access to the most correct, cutting edge products and solutions for every aspect of your project.

We solve problems. Difficult details are our speciality.

Look the world over! You will never find a group of more talented and knowledgeable artisans.

Pictures of our company principals in traditional German masters’ attire.

Erno Ovari

Erno Ovari


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Zsolt Ovari


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