Terne Coated Shingles

Terne shingles

Looking for something lasting, budget friendly and a little more unusual? Consider using our terne clad stainless steel shingles.

Our terne starts out super shiny, then weathers to a very subtle, matte gray finish. Just how long this takes depends on the environment where the building is located. So each project takes on its own personality on its own time.

Terne first came in to vogue during the Colonial Period. After a few incarnations, most of which included whittling out toxic elements, the zinc/tin alloy became the darling of the industry.

Our terne is a thick layer of 100% tin intermetallically bonded to a stainless steel substrate.

How does this mix make installation a snap?

The particular recipe from which our stainless substrate is made makes the material extremely easy to work with. If you’ve installed stainless steel before, you know how difficult it can be to cut, bend and otherwise maneuver. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find how much easier it is to work with our terne.

Tin is probably the most easily solderable metal there ever was. If solder ever had a best friend, it would be our terne material.

The thick layer of tin works with the stainless substrate and you’ll never have to worry about cracks or exposed areas due to bending and manipulating. There is no special TLC or extra knowledge needed to install our terne coated stainless.

Terne works best in certain regions, so please let us know where you plan to build and we can help you determine the best solution for you.

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