Stainless Steel Shingles

stainless steel interlocking

Historical church tower covered with stainless steel interlocking shingles

Stainless steel shingles for roofing and wall cladding

Stainless steel is the undisputed king of longevity. Our stainless steel interlocking shingle roofing system can potentially last many lifetimes. Stainless steel also affords an unrivaled design versatility.

Stainless steel, though traditionally used in contemporary design no longer needs to be relegated solely to that category. Anyone with any style of building can benefit from stainless steel roofing and cladding.

Coastal areas, highly polluted areas, and hail-prone regions are just a few of the many places stainless steel roofs are especially needed. Questions on our stainless steel interlocking shingle system? Call us! 801-400-2515