Zinc Shingles

Zinc interlocking shingles

Castle with interlocking zinc shingle

Zinc Interlocking Shingles

Zinc is a lovely alternative to copper. It has been in widespread use in Europe for hundreds of years. The castle roof to the right is clad entirely in Copper Exclusive interlocking zinc shingles. We built and restored all the shingles and ornaments for this building. You’ll see a lot of traditional designs like this one in zinc, but zinc is every bit as cutting edge and avante garde as you wish it to be.

Zinc is more temperamental than other metals, so if you do not have experience with zinc installation, we recommend one of our instructional seminars.

Zinc comes in a number of finishes and subtle colors and can easily be combined with zinc downspouts and gutters and ornaments. Want to find out more? Give us a call! 801-400-2515


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