Copper Shingles

Interlocking copper roof

Award winning copper roof in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Copper Interlocking Shingles are a Copper Exclusive Favorite

We love copper!

We’ve built lots of pretty things in all kinds of different metals, but copper is our favorite.  It’s easy to work with, timeless in its design applications, durable and it lives!  Every day it changes.

Our copper interlocking shingles are one of the best roofing and cladding choices you can make for beauty and value.  Copper is 100% recyclable and will always hold value.  There is no downside here!  Call to order your copper shingle system today!


We offer a wide variety of copper finishes as well.  Would you like a chemical patina?  We can do it!  Lots of color choices and finishes.

Prefer a real patina?  These are our Nordic finishes:

Nordic copper finishes From left to right:  Nordic Green Living, Nordic Green Traditional, Nordic Blue Living, Nordic Blue Traditional, Nordic Light Brown, Nordic Brown, Nordic Decor, Standard Surface  The last two, Nordic Brass and Nordic Royal are special alloys.

This is not an exhaustive list of copper options.  Let us know if you have something in particular in mind, and we’ll work to make it happen!

Nordic copper finishes

Pre patinated copper finish options