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Interlocking Diamond Shaped Metal Shingles

Our diamond-shaped interlocking shingles are a perfect amalgam of beauty and brains. Versions of our interlocking metal shingle system have been in widespread use on Europe’s most important buildings for centuries. Roofs with our interlocking metal shingles have stayed maintenance-free and watertight since they day they were applied. We know this because we’re certified in restoration and reconstruction and have seen first-hand still functioning roof systems with our interlocking metal shingles over half a millenium in age.

How is this possible? Our interlocking metal shingles actually interlock with one another and each of their accessory components. Other systems merely overlap, whereas ours link on all four sides. Each side is secured with heavy-duty stainless steel clips. It is impossible, when installed properly for any part of the system to fail.

Our system is among the most beautiful roofing systems the world has to offer. Combine that with the limitless applications, metal choices, colors and finishes, and angles and sizes, and you have unparalleled design options.

Installing copper shingles

Installing copper shingles

We made our systems easy. Even those with only a modicum of roofing experience find our interlocking metal shingles a joy to install. We make all the accessory pieces such as drip edges, ridges etc. Our shingles tend to be much lighter in weight than other roofing materials and they install quickly.

Read more about our shingles here: FINE METAL ROOF TECH Don’t worry. You’ll still get to talk to us. This is just our sister company. We make a lot of shingles here to save you money!

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