3-4 times per year, Europe experiences very heavy rains and flash flooding. In early times, builders attempted to make the gutter and the downspout successively larger to drain this heavy fall of rain water; with no luck. The gutter would have to be the size of a bathtub with a giant enclosed waterslide downspout to make it big enough for these rain days. After years of trial and error, the smart builders figured out this method didn’t work because it doesn’t matter how big the gutter is when the downspout is the wrong size. They started to make the gutter and the downspouts smaller again, and this time they placed a big bucket with a hole in it between the gutter and the downspout, and that was the revolution! The problem was not the gutter size or the downspout size, it was the transition between the two.

The modern leaderheads have a very important function, and through them you can keep the gutter as small as possible, but big enough to accomplish its job. A properly designed leaderhead is custom sized for each roof and can serve as a unique, personalized statement about the owner.

Take a look at a few of our gorgeous copper and zinc leaderheads:

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