Finials for Roofs and Architecture

Perhaps no other decorative element on a home proclaims the individuality of the home owner than a finial. Finials are steeped in rich history. Old world Europeans used them as time capsules and placed in them money, treasures, and important historical papers about the owner, builder, city, and building. The world wars saw looting of many of these historical monuments, as invading Europeans knew their great intrinsic and historical value.

Historically, finials were used in dramatic fashion to ward off enemies as sentinels on the battlements of the watchtowers, and were also used in humble functions such as inhibiting pigeons from perching on the valuable roofs and depositing their pigeon mess thereon! Our finials are made the same way as those of the past. Each piece is lovingly and painstakingly placed together.

We suggest you tell your installer to put your name and maybe a few of your treasures in your finial. It’s only yours when you put your treasures in. Don’t forget to tell your kids. You will look at it every day. We promise.

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