Rounded Seam Class

Rounded Seam Roof Techniques

Continuing education course for the complex methods of rounded-seam details using fine metals. All details where stretching or shrinking the seams is necessary (only the seam not the panel itself) we will handle in this course.

We will learn how to stretch and/or shrink the seam properly, so the extensive material elongation does not affect the lifetime of our work. Details taught in this course are permanent and last for hundreds of years without the use of soldering or sealants.  These are the same methods used in Europe.  Buildings with huge domes, round towers, and church steeples outlast generations without need for repair or spending money for their maintenance.

Rounded Seam Roofing Seminars

Rounded Seam Roofing Seminars

This course assumes you have taken the Fine Metal Roofing AND Advanced class.

Three, eight hour days with 3 break times

You will need to build a mock up or if you have a real life application, we can go to the construction site and use the dormer, barrel roof, dome etc. as our mock up. Please let us know the scope of the project and how many students will be attending before you make any solid plans to allow us to determine the appropriate hands on opportunity for each student. Certain mock up builds might still be required.

Every student will get personal attention and assistance with their assignments.

Materials required:
-Copper or zinc sheets, 2-3 sheets per student. Copper sheet is preferred as copper is malleable and thus, though more expensive, is ideal to learn on.
-We will provide all the necessary tools and machines for the class. To make your own future projects properly, you will need some of the special tools we use and discuss in class. It is therefore recommended you invest in your own set of quality tools. Ask us for recommendations.

Class description

– Planning, designing, making and installing rounded seam roofs like barrel roofs, domes, round dormers etc.
– Planning and installing the transitions, flashings, edges and corners.

Bring your questions and problems to the class, and let’s fix them!
Call 801 – 400 – 2515

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