Advanced Roofing Seminar

Advanced Fine Metal Roofing Class

Continuing education course utilizing fine architectural metals featuring German masters’ advanced techniques. Class will integrate the seaming knowledge learned in the Fine Metal Roofing Course with full-roof advanced applications with various design difficulties. Students also learn advanced techniques such as seamless round valleys and corresponding connections. Techniques in this course showcase correct methods of installation entirely eliminating the need for soldering or sealants. Work made using the methods taught in this class will last beautifully for hundreds of years.

Advanced Metal Roofing Seminars

Advanced Metal Roofing Seminars

Three, eight hour days with 3 break times.

It is generally more convenient for all involved for us to travel out to your respective facility, but you are welcome to come out to our shop if you prefer.

Every student will get personal attention and assistance with their assignments.

Materials required:

Copper or zinc, 2-3 sheets per student. Copper sheet is preferred as copper is malleable and thus, though more expensive, is ideal to learn on.

The Advanced Class assumes you have taken the Basic Course.

– Planning, designing and making folded-curved-valleys with no sealants. Integrating this valley in a metal roof with double locked standing seam system.
– Seaming a skylight, chimney, dormer etc. in the standing seam roofing area.

– Bring your questions and problems to the class, and let’s fix them! –
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advanced seaming class