Fine Metal Roofing Seminar

Fine Metal Roofing Class Mock-Up

Fine Metal Roofing Class Mock-Up

Fine Metal Class

Continuing education course featuring German masters’ method of double-locked standing seam roof detail techniques. Techniques in this course showcase correct methods of installation entirely eliminating the need for soldering or sealants. Work made this way will last for hundreds of years.

Timeline: Three, eight hour days with 3 break times.

As class members’ skills, experience, aptitude, and special requirements varies, the course will be directed to the knowledge-base and skill level of the students in each course to ensure the most productive learning atmosphere. The following is the general curriculum for this course:

Every student will get personal attention and assistance with their assignments.

Materials required:
1-2 sheet of copper per student. Copper sheet is preferred as copper is malleable and thus, though more expensive, is ideal to learn on.

To not waste material, we start by using paper in place of metal. It is also much easier to start to visualize the reasons behind the rules of folding by initially using paper.


Class will include:
Basic Architecture Knowledge:
Properly applying metal roofing for water proofing buildings


-Learning and practicing folded corners.
-Learning and practicing complex round and folded corners.
-Practicing on mock-ups using the above practices with real-life designs and applications.
-Practicing drip edge and ridge connections on mock ups.

Students often have questions about a present or future project they are/will be working on. We save enough time to address these questions and, as appropriate, present them as case-studies to the entire class so all can learn from them.

– Bring your questions and problems to the class, and let’s fix them! –
Call 801 – 400 – 2515

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