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Seminars and Consultation
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Educational seminars, on-site consultation

Educational seminars, on-site consultation

Of all the wonderful things we offer in our business, our hands down favorite is education. We would say it is a passion in point of fact.

We have been extremely fortunate to have had the educational opportunities and work experience we did in Europe. Here in the New World, it’s so much more difficult for designers and builders because that specific trade knowledge just isn’t available here.  You have an unfair challenge.  There is a shallow well from which you can draw.  There are no universities in the United States which teach the specifics we learned in Germany. There are precious few buildings over a hundred, let alone two hundred years old or more. Historical restoration tends to be more synonymous to continual replacement rather than the permanence for which the building was surely intended because experience is scant.  There are more guidelines than rules here, (certainly when compared to Germany) and misinformation and confusion run rampant.

MeisterbriefMetal roofing is a specific science. You can be the most brilliant engineer, the most prolific builder or the most prodigious artist, but without some basic understanding of metal roofing science, it will be extremely difficult to reach the level of permanence and beauty you desire in your work.

Your instructor is a renowned innovator and artisan and among the top fine metal roofing experts in the world.  He has more years of credentialed post-graduate study in his field than most medical doctors with specialties have in theirs. Among the many advanced degrees he holds is the most revered; the Meisterbrief.

In Germany, a Meisterbrief holder is licensed to teach his trade to others. If you haven’t yet noticed in our postings throughout our website, we have a deep, abiding and glowing fervor for our trade. The best teachers are both the most knowledgeable and the most ardent. Our passion for metal roofing is a contagion you are sure to catch.

The things you will learn from us will be fascinating, inspiring and instrumental to achieving your goals and setting you apart from all the rest.

Are you one of the following?Adv Fine Metal Roofing Techniques

  • Architect
  • Designer
  • General Contractor
  • Roofing Contractor
  • Developer
  • Enthusiast

If so, you are in the right place.

How do we help you?

There are many options. Our roofers in particular love our hands on seminars. We start at a level based on current skills and go from that point. Our standard hands-on metal roof seminars are:

Fine Metal Roofing Class
Advanced Metal Roofing Class
Round Detail Class

Our standard seminars are custom-created to embrace and capitalize on the strengths of the group.  If there is a specific need or focus, custom classes are also available.  For those with an exceptional amount of experience and skills, we can take you as far as you want to go.

Architects and designers can certainly benefit from tailor made seminars as well, but we most frequently help you through our consultation services. Depending on the complexity of the project, we can do this remotely or on-site.

Just because certain procedures are common-place in the states does not mean they are correct. You know in your heart there is a better way, otherwise you wouldn’t be here. The industry desperately needs your talents.  Give us the opportunity to rock your world!  Nothing gives us greater joy than sharing what we know and helping you succeed.

We consult with clients all over the world and travel anywhere.  Yes, we can help you!
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Fine Metal Roofing

Advanced Roofing

Rounded Seam Class


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