Ridge and Hip Caps

Ridge and Hip Caps

From ease of install, to permanency to improving your bottom line, our roof vents are everything you never knew you needed…until now!

Our ridge caps and ridge vents are installed prior to the roof system. Once the ridge cap is installed, any roofing system from shingles to standing seam slips easily inside of the cap which eliminates the necessity of any exposed fasteners which can cause failure points.

Leaks aside, wind uplift poses the ultimate threat to the entire system. When the ridge cap is secure, the roof can be secure. Ridge cap adds to the strength and integrity of the entire roof. With our ridge caps, the roof system keeps its integrity. When the ridge cap is secure, the roof system is secure.

Ridge cap is available in both vented and unvented options.No need for any additional filter foam or gap filler materials common with many other systems which deteriorate and clog.

Ridge cap works with ALL roofing systems:
-all metal systems
. -standing seam
. -metal shingles
. -metal tiles-slate-tiles
-all roofing tiles
-composite systems
-wooden shake

Copper and zinc ridge caps can inhibit moss growth on all varieties of roof.

Decreased installation time. 2-3 times faster installation than standard three piece ridge systems. Time is money!

Available in all metals, colors and finishes.

Works will most roof pitches.

Ridge cap requires no other components so installation is easy.Why use a multi piece ridge cap system when you can do it quicker an stronger with our system?


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European half round gutter and accessories

European half round gutter:

European half round gutters are the permanent and maintenance free choice

Bear in mind the right water displacement and management systems on your roof can make all the difference. We prefer the European half round system. Especially if your building is in a region where you can expect snow or freezing water, box or K style gutters just won’t hold up. The very way they are built sets them up for failure at the corners. And when you consider that snow weighs in the tons of pounds, your gutter has a lot to withstand.

Standing in the gutter

We can stand and walk and jump in and on our gutter systems. Could yours handle that?

The right system accounts for a great deal, but in addition, there are a lot of ways we can surpass the efficacy of the basics of the European half round gutter system.

We recommend counter sinking the on roof mount brackets into the roof substrate

We recommend counter sinking the on roof mount brackets into the roof substrate

A good system alone does not a water-tight roof make. There is much to consider depending on a huge number of variables. Please make certain to tell us all about your project so we can help ensure everything goes to plan and you end up with the permanent and effective result you absolutely can achieve!

There are lots of great applications and accessories, too!

We have the capabilities to build any gutter accessories you can imagine.

We have the capabilities to build any gutter accessories you can imagine.

European half round gutters come in copper, zinc and stainless steel.

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Metal shingles for wall cladding

Wall Cladding with Metal Shingles

Metal shingles for wall
Metal is the perfect roofing choice, but as a designer, consider it can be used all over the building envelope. In fact, wall cladding with metal is one of the best ways to ensure water tightness of the building. Because wall have less technical constraints than roofs, this means you also have infinitely more design options.

Select from our standard metal shingles, or give us your own design idea to create. We have made virtually anything you can imagine, from composite arrangements to intricate pressed pieces.

Rely on our expertise to create even the most technical of wall cladding shingles. We specialize in radius building details. Our metal shingles are perfect applications for any wall with curves or technical features.

Metal shingles for wall cladding can be made in virtually any architectural sheet metal. We have made some very interesting projects with brass and nickel and some exotic alloys as well. For interior applications, we can clear coat the shingles for metals like copper or terne which otherwise could develop fingerprints. We’ve done all the research and trial and error for you. There is no need to shake the Earth upside down to find everything you need. We have it for you here.

Perhaps it comes as no surprise that metal cladding supersedes style and regional limitations. With the limitless opportunities for design and metal combinations, our metal shingles fit beautifully and appropriately on the walls of any building.

Metal shingles are the best way to dress up your designs. Ask us how we can help you with your metal wall cladding project today! 801-400-2515

Terne metal for new and historic buildings

Terne metal has historically been used extensively throughout the United States. It is seen often on Colonial era buildings. Formulas from what this product was made have varied. Some include zinc and even lead, but the predominant ingredient has always been tin. Tin is a very noble and non-reactive metal, but by architectural standards too soft on its own, so it is clad over stainless steel to give the rigidity and strength while the surface metal weathers to the soft patina architects love and historians desire.

The terne material we supply is the European version. It is comprised of a thick layer of solid tin over stainless steel. Lead, though historically accurate is of course toxic and not conducive to modern uses. And the other component most often found in American tin, zinc, is not necessary as tin and stainless have all the protective qualities necessary for most environments. Zinc is a less noble and more reactive metal which wears off over time. Tin stays virtually forever.

Terne is prized for its solderability and workability. It is prone to hanging on to fingerprints for a long time, so care and use of gloves when handling is recommended.

Though most of our requests for this material come from historic and / or traditional projects, terne is appropriate for all styles and most environments.

Just like copper and titanium, terne is a material which can be counted on to live through many generations. It is a living, evolving, beautiful and permanent material.

Please scroll through the gallery to view a beautiful terne application on a dome at a university made from our custom created diamond shingles:

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