Patina Shingles

Many architectural metals weather to one extent or the other after time in the elements.  Copper is probably the most notable.  We all know that it goes from shiny, to brown, to green and that this process can often take many years.  To get instant gratification, the ne plus ultra of cladding and roofing materials are the specially patinated finishes offered by only a few companies around the globe.  Though drop-dead gorgeous beyond words, these materials are elite and come with a very hefty price tag.

classic patina copper shinglesThere is nothing wrong with wanting immediate results and wanting them on a budget.  With a little bit of chemistry, we can make that happen for you.

We are now offering chemical patina treatments for our copper shingles and accessories.

We perform several pre and post-treatment procedures (which differ depending on the finish) and when we’re done, voilà! You have added instant character.

The chemical application we use is not a “real” patina like the material we mentioned earlier.  Though it does a great mimicry, you’ll have to keep in mind that the surface finish will be more fragile initially.  This doesn’t mean you need to install the material with oven mitts, but the chemicals do take several weeks before they “bite” into the metal, so just a little extra TLC is called for at the beginning.

Essentially, we have sped up the patination process with the chemicals.  Copper is living, so you can expect that the chemically treated surface will evolve and change.  How long this takes will depend on the environment.

Chemical patinas do NOT affect the strength of the copper.  Because of this, we can confidently recommend treating all copper roof accessories including snow guards, ornaments and gutters.

Did you know that zinc and other metals can accept patina treatments, too?  If you are one of those artists who is always looking for something different, give us a call.  801-400-2515  We can discuss your options and come up with something really special.  There are many phenomenal artistic choices for copper including rainbow which are not shown in the gallery below.  Let us know if you have something particular in mind.

In this gallery, we included of our most popular patinas for copper applied to shingles and gutter accessories.

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