Ridge and Hip Caps

Ridge and Hip Caps

From ease of install, to permanency to improving your bottom line, our roof vents are everything you never knew you needed…until now!

Our ridge caps and ridge vents are installed prior to the roof system. Once the ridge cap is installed, any roofing system from shingles to standing seam slips easily inside of the cap which eliminates the necessity of any exposed fasteners which can cause failure points.

Leaks aside, wind uplift poses the ultimate threat to the entire system. When the ridge cap is secure, the roof can be secure. Ridge cap adds to the strength and integrity of the entire roof. With our ridge caps, the roof system keeps its integrity. When the ridge cap is secure, the roof system is secure.

Ridge cap is available in both vented and unvented options.No need for any additional filter foam or gap filler materials common with many other systems which deteriorate and clog.

Ridge cap works with ALL roofing systems:
-all metal systems
. -standing seam
. -metal shingles
. -metal tiles-slate-tiles
-all roofing tiles
-composite systems
-wooden shake

Copper and zinc ridge caps can inhibit moss growth on all varieties of roof.

Decreased installation time. 2-3 times faster installation than standard three piece ridge systems. Time is money!

Available in all metals, colors and finishes.

Works will most roof pitches.

Ridge cap requires no other components so installation is easy.Why use a multi piece ridge cap system when you can do it quicker an stronger with our system?


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