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Standing In The Gutter 1

European half round gutter and accessories

European half round gutter: European half round gutters are the permanent and maintenance free choice Bear in mind the right water displacement and management systems on your roof can make all the difference. We prefer the European half round system. Especially if your building is in a region where you can expect snow or freezing water, box or K style …

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Metal shingles for wall cladding

Wall Cladding with Metal Shingles Metal is the perfect roofing choice, but as a designer, consider it can be used all over the building envelope. In fact, wall cladding with metal is one of the best ways to ensure water tightness of the building. Because wall have less technical constraints than roofs, this means you also have infinitely more design …

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Terne Traditional Building

Terne metal for new and historic buildings

Terne metal has historically been used extensively throughout the United States. It is seen often on Colonial era buildings. Formulas from what this product was made have varied. Some include zinc and even lead, but the predominant ingredient has always been tin. Tin is a very noble and non-reactive metal, but by architectural standards too soft on its own, so …

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