• Beautiful, permanent and VERY strong roofing system. Your great grand children's great grand children will benefit from it.

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Copper Exclusive - Exclusive Copper Roofing and Wall Cladding

On your next trip to Europe, it’s likely you will see the work of Copper Exclusive on castles, cathedrals, historic churches, historic government buildings and famous private residences. We are from Germany. We have been educated in the top German schools and have brought along our German artisans and all our experience and contacts to enable the master craftsman legacy to continue in the United States to serve the discriminating American client. We manufacture the world’s most enduring roofing systems. Will will restore or reconstruct your ornaments and advise you in choosing the proper snow abatement system for your building. We also offer our popular seminars for our fine metal roofing colleagues and consultation services for architects and planners providing them with the tools and knowledge to realize their goals. Find out for yourself the incredible difference we can make. Call today! 801-400-2515

A lasting roof

A Lasting Roof

It is time for your last roof? Copper, Zinc, aluminum, stainless steel, exotic metals

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Ornament experts

Ornament Experts

Ornaments for your building in Copper, zinc or gold

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Education and tools

Education & Tools

Fine metal roofing consultation, seminars and tools

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Snow Retentions

Snow Retention

The world’s best snow guards for roofs

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